Our Founder

Andrew Martin

Founder / Auctioneer

Andrew Martin, the founder and senior auctioneer of AUCTIONS360®, brings with him an impressive 23-year career that includes not only his experiences with the number one auction company in Australia but also a valued association with the prestigious Ray White Group. Having worked closely with the Ray White Group, Andrew has gained insights into their high standards and principles, further solidifying his reputation as an industry leader. His accreditation and training by the country’s finest auctioneers, in conjunction with his affiliation with Ray White, showcase his commitment to excellence. AUCTIONS360®, under Andrew’s leadership, stands as a symbol of trust, professionalism, and outstanding service in the auction industry.

Andrew Martin’s extensive industry relationships are a valuable asset that AUCTIONS360® leverages to benefit its clients. These connections provide AUCTIONS360® with access to a network of top-tier auctioneers, ensuring that the company can assemble the perfect team for any auction, no matter the complexity or scale. This capability to tap into a vast pool of auctioneering talent, if required, underscores AUCTIONS360®’s commitment to delivering the utmost in service and expertise, setting them apart as the go-to choice for residential, commercial property, farm machinery, and charity auctions.